Audiovisual: a complete experience

Ata Tech specializes in audiovisual total solutions. We supply audio and video systems for every application. Examples are meeting rooms, restaurants, museums and experience centres. There is no end to the possibilities we offer for audio and video systems: projection screens, LED screens and video walls, from small to large and with optional touch functionality for various interactive possibilities.

Philips MuseumProfessional system integrator

Audiovisual equipment for meeting and presentation rooms will be seamlessly integrated within your interior, wall or ceiling. Wireless connectivity ensures that the presentation on your Windows laptop, MacBook, iPhone or Android tablet is presented on the interactive touchscreen or projection screen. The equipment is easy to operate via a control panel.

As professional system integrators, we specialize in the design, installation and configuration of audiovisual facilities in meeting and presentation rooms. Audiovisuals enhance your presentation.

Create involvement

An interactive audiovisual installation ensures that your visitors will be involved in what is happening around them. Because visitors interact with the object, they will feel involved. Our interactive technology offers unprecedented possibilities. Your individual visitors will be able to control certain effects via controllers, including touchscreens, push buttons, 3D cameras, hand gestures, or even speech recognition. Imagine what this attraction means for your museum or experience centre …


Some possibilities that we can realize for you regarding audiovisual technology:

– Wireless presentations in your meeting room
– Sound installation in your production hall
– Interactive presentation system
– Information kiosk with audio handsets
– Multifunctional touch table
– 3D Hologram in a Pepper’s ghost exhibit
– Video wall with augmented reality technology
– Interactive projection with body tracking
– Floor projection with EdgeBlend configuration
– Video wall with daylight displays

Our creative vision and extensive experience guarantee great audiovisual projects. Whether for small meeting rooms or large international museums – our customized solutions are always of the highest quality.

In our projects you can find our already completed projects to get an idea of the possibilities. Please contact us if you would like to know what we can do for you.