Jesus Reckless on the spire of the Paterskerk Eindhoven is in the spotlight. The iconic image of Jesus is illuminated in the evening in the favourite colours of brand new parents to let Eindhoven know that their baby is born.

This installation is part of the renovation of the Paterskerk and the Mariënhage complex in Eindhoven by DELA. Ata Tech took care of the lighting installation, including at a height of 66 meters with a special crane.

Parents can choose from the colours: pink, blue, white, green, yellow and red. On the day the application arrives, that same evening Jesus Reckless will light up in the desired colour or colour scheme.

The new lighting (9 CLS REVO DMX-8 fixtures) is linked to a Pharos controller. This is an award-winning, all-in-one control solution for LED lighting installations. In the Pharos Cloud, it is possible for the customer to adjust the lighting in real time at any time.

Location: Eindhoven (The Netherlands) • Client: DOMUSDELA • Photography: Laurens Mulkens • Lighting realisation: Ata Tech

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