In Flanders Fields Museum

In Flanders Fields museum in Ieper brings the historical story of the First World War in the West Flanders front region to life. The museum preserves the link with the war past and works closely with partners who share the mission and works within the framework of Ieper City of Peace.

Ata Tech upgraded, together with Atento Decorbouw and Kiss The Frog, the permanent exhibition at the In Flanders Fields Museum. In the museum, ‘The IeperBow’ is equipped with an edge blend projection set-up on which the renewed film is played. The accompanying new tribune has been equipped by Ata Tech with twenty-two listening horns with RFID-controlled audio facility. This allows the visitor to listen to the film in the language of their choice.

Ata Tech installed new 15-inch touch screens at the sixteen existing meeting kiosks in the museum. Two 65-inch screens have been installed in the ‘Final Offensive’ display, and Ata Tech has installed a dialogue screen in the new ‘Memorial Chairs’ display. The existing projector was replaced by a projector with a wide lens.

With this upgrade, the In Flanders Fields Museum has a completely up-to-date multimedia exhibition in which software and hardware are seamlessly matched!

Location: Ieper (Belgium) • Client: Kiss The Frog • Photography: Julie Van Rysseghem, Steve Denys and In Flanders Fields Museum • Designer: Pièce Montée  • Technical engineering and hardware: Ata Tech

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