Barbas Bellfires

Not only the fire provides ambiance, but also now the showroom lighting at Barbas Bellfires gives extra flair. In the showroom of the fireplace manufacturer the complete collection of fireplaces is exhibited. Also dealer-, staff- and other network meetings are being organised here on a regular basis.

Ata Tech gave the showroom lighting an atmospheric upgrade and installed new lighting fitted with Showcontrol. A total of 73 RGBW LED zoom spots were installed on the Ata Tech voltage rail. Showcontrol makes it possible to start up various pre-set light settings (from standard showroom light to party night light). There is also a new music computer, audio processor and a microphone which can be controlled via a touchscreen panel on the wall.

With this upgrade Barbas Bellfires is ready for the future and they can organise many different events.

Location: Bladel • Client: Barbas Bellfires  •  Lighting design: Tom Aarts  •  Lighting and Show Control: Ata Tech

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