Visitor Centre The Mauritshuis

The Mauritshuis, which serves as a visitor centre with a tourist office function, lies safely on the water and is the beautiful centrepiece of Willemstad, a fortified town on the Hollands Diep. What was the connection between the Dutch Royals and The Mauritshuis? The unique star-shape of Willemstad? And what role did Willemstad play in the Zuiderwaterlinie? Experience all the stories in the renovated monumental Mauritshuis!

Founder and first resident Prince Maurits, son of William of House of Orange, welcomes visitors to the renovated centre as a life-size interactive silhouette. Various stories are told and are grouped into three overarching themes: Orange and Spain, Land and Water and War and Peace. Each room brings its own theme to life. The aim of this visitor centre is to ‘entice’ visitors to discover the rest of the Defence Line of Willemstad through the interactive exhibition.

Ata Tech realised various interactive projections, touch screens and audio stories in The Mauritshuis. In one of the rooms, you can step into a rowing boat and watch the polder landscape go by. The combination of projection on the moving background is very fascinating. Ata Tech also replaced 85 light fittings with LED lighting, expanded the existing lighting in the visitor centre and installed lighting in various showcases.

With this renovation, The Mauritshuis has become the virtual jewel of Willemstad.

Location: Willemstad  •  Client: Mauritshuis Willemstad  •  Photography:  • Designer: Duinzand & Platvorm and Bruns • AV and lighting: Ata Tech

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