Bolidt Innovation Center

The new Bolidt Innovation Center will open in 2019 and is a kind of living lab. Here everything revolves around chemistry; business units, customers, companies, disciplines, and raw materials react with each other and something new is created every time.

With the realisation of the Experience & Innovation Center, Bolidt literally shows the unlimited possibilities of Bolidt by means of the most modern techniques and by creating a sensory experience. Visitors can see and experience the endless possibilities of synthetic material in this innovative centre. It is also not only an experience centre, but it tells the story of Bolidt while the visitors experience it.

For this project, Ata Tech was asked to translate the design into a technical AV and Lighting design, and then engineer, install and configure the entire installation.

The lighting design was realized by HeinzLoopstra Lightdesign, Ata Tech took care of the technical design and execution.

Location: Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht – Client: BOLIDT – Designer: Kossmann.dejong – Photography: Thijs Wolzak – AV and lighting: Ata Tech.

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