Gallo-Roman Museum

What was it really like to live in Roman times, in Rome and far beyond? Go on a journey through the Roman Empire and admire 250 masterpieces from the British Museum, in an atmospheric and austere setting. Eye to eye with the Romans’: an exciting experience for the entire family!

Ata Tech supplied the museum lighting for the ‘Face to Face with the Romans’ exhibition at the Gallo-Roman Museum in Tongeren. All display cases were perfectly lighted by Ata Tech with CLS Jade spotlights and PLE P13 linear lighting. The AV technology was already owned by the Gallo Museum and installed by Ata Tech.

• Location: Tongeren (Belgium) • Client: City Tongeren • Photography: Gallo-Roman Museum Tongeren • Lighting design and light settings: SHSH Architecture & Scenography • Museum lighting and AV connection: Ata Tech

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