Museum of the Canals

On Amsterdam’s canals, The Canal Museum opened a revamped permanent exhibition. Housed in a monumental building on the Herengracht, the museum takes you on a multimedia, interactive tour through 400 years of history. The five rooms in the Canal Museum show why the creation of the Amsterdam canals was so incredibly special, but also why these canals still are today.

Visitors experience an audio guide tour with a choice of 9 different languages. The tour through the five rooms is accompanied by timed projections and audio. Larger groups follow the 9-language tour via speakers in the room. The interplay of projection, light, audio and décor really brings the story of the canals to life.

In the rooms of the Canal Museum, impressive models can be seen and you stand with your own feet in the canal. The last room of the museum features a spectacular film experience about the history, transitions and special stories of the Amsterdam canals. This is projected using 5 short throw projectors, 3 of which are on the curved wall and 2 on the model of the ring of canals.

After visiting the exhibition, you will look at Amsterdam’s canals with different eyes when you stand outside again. The Canal Museum is for everyone who loves the city, or is about to fall in love with it.

Location: Amsterdam • Client: Grachtenmuseum • Photography: Grachtenmuseum & Ata Tech • Designer: KossmanndeJong • Lighting Design: HeinzLoopstra Lightdesign • AV Design: SemMika – Rutger van Dijk • Exhibit Builder: Kloosterboer • System Integrator: Ata Tech

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