Groote Museum – Artis

The Artis-Groote Museum in Amsterdam has opened its magnificent monumental doors to the general public. The new museum of Artis presents itself as the museum of big questions. In the Groote Museum, you will discover where we come from, how we are connected and what we depend on. With these insights about yourself and your relationship to other life, the question ‘where are we going?’ comes closer.

The impressive monumental building, dating from 1855, breathes history and is itself the most precious collection piece of the new Groote Museum. The museum is full of display cases that are a reminder of the collections that once filled the museum. These showcases are now used as exhibition space for the most beautiful and impressive exhibits. As a full service system integrator, Ata Tech pre-engineered the Groote Museum’s design and detailed the entire installation.

Our impressive AV project Groote Museum – Artis has been selected as one of the finalists of the Inavation Awards 2023 in the project category Visitor Attraction.

Interactive exhibits, projection and ShowControl
Various exhibits were realised where visitors themselves can interact with the set-up and where hand movements, touch screens, push buttons or ‘motion tracking’ create interaction through images, sound and/or lighting. A 52-channel Soundscape sound installation provides various (natural) sound effects from every position in the museum. All audio-visual set-ups can be operated remotely and the entire museum is centrally controlled from several server rooms.
There are various projection set-ups in the Groote Museum where both projection mapping and an edge-blend have been applied. Ata Tech also configured, programmed and installed 85 BrightSigns players. The entire Showcontrol in the Groote Museum is programmed by means of sensors and time schedules, but can also be operated by the museum itself using a control panel.

500 PLE magnet LED zoom spots and the linear profile P13 have been installed in the monumental display cases in the museum. In addition, 350 CLS jade spotlights and dozens of light plates ranging from 10 cm to 150 cm were installed. Ata Tech has realised a custom-made tension-rail cable duct system, which means that lighting, cabling and speakers have been fully integrated into the museum.
To allow the living plants in the museum to grow without daylight, grow lights were installed and light panels were hung on the museum roof by Ata Tech, simulating daylight in the museum roof. These light panels are controlled by a sensor that takes over the light values from outside.
All lighting in the Groote Museum is DMX controllable and tuneable and moves along with the daylight situation outside resulting in a cool – white effect during the day and a warm – dimmed effect in the evening.

A great impressive project in Amsterdam, realised together with various partners.

Location: Amsterdam • Client: ARTIS (Natura Artis Magistra) • Photography: Maarten van der Wal & Ata Tech • Amsterdam • Designer: Kossmanndejong • Exhibit builder: Bruns • Media: Art+Com, BIND film and YIPP • Lighting design: Simon Corder • Sound design: Pablo Lamar • AV and lighting: Ata Tech

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