House of European History – 2019

From lighting design to specially developed luminaires

In the new House of European History, the first temporary exhibition will take place under the title Interactions: centuries of trade, struggle and creation. In a multimedia journey through narrative spaces, visitors are invited to learn more about the ancient history of European connections, while at the same time stimulating new interactions between visitors.

The House of European History is located in Brussels in the historic 1935 Eastman building, renovated and extended by Chaix & Morel et Associés and JSWD Architects. Its layered quality, the diversity of the information on offer and the mix of media and communication tools make the exhibition an exciting and educational voyage of discovery of European interconnectivity for all visitors.

Ata Tech made the lighting design for this exhibition, highlighted the entire exhibition and provided the exhibition lighting. By using a special developed system by Ata Tech, each fixture can be dimmed individually, the control signal is controlled over the existing voltage rail.

New spotlight

In all showcases Ata Tech has used the PLE Magnet Zoom Spot as display lighting. This Magnet Zoom Spot from PLE is the perfect light source to illuminate the most beautiful objects. This spot is easy to place and move thanks to the magnetic system and is therefore flexible in use. The spot has a wide zoom range, excellent color reproduction and gives a perfectly even light image.

Location: Brussels (Belgium) • Customer: European Parliament • Designer: Kossmann.Dejong •  Photography: Mike Bink Photography • Light realisation: Ata Tech

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