Konya Science and Technology Center

This experience centre in Turkey is dedicated to informal learning about the universe and technology. Ata Tech designed the lighting and spotlighting for the entire exhibition. The life-sized video wall at the entrance, consisting of 16 daylight displays, encourages the visitor to come into action through the augmented reality technology. The New Horizons exhibition features a 3 x 2 meter LED wall that can be used as a large interactive touch screen on which Tetris can be played. The visitor can also take place in a flight simulator with surround sound. In this space shuttle you are in control!

We also realized various projections in an edge blend exhibit. By using mirror constructions and geometric corrections we have managed to find a solution for the most incredible scenarios. The entire centre offers a special experience for the visitor. The various interactive installations make learning about the future and the universe more fun and especially more interesting.

Location: Konya (Turky) • Exposition: New Horizons / Our Universe • Design: Liberty Science Center  • Hardware: Ata Tech • Lighting installation: Ata Tech • Software: Kiss The Frog

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