Interactive Lely Experience – Farm of the Future

Lely is an international family business specialised in automated systems for dairy farmers. At the renovated Lely Campus in Maassluis, work is being done on the farm of the future: fully robotised and circular with sustainability and animal welfare as central features.

At the Lely headquarters in Maassluis, Ata Tech Team together with the Lely Team, DST experience agency, Kiss The Frog and Bruns have worked with great pleasure to transform the central hall of the Lely Campus into the renewed Lely Experience. During a visit to this new Experience, one is introduced to the world of Lely and the farm of the future in an interactive and dynamic way.

Mindset Showtable

Ata Tech installed the ‘Mindset Showtafel’ at Lely, which features video projection through impressive projection mapping on the 3D models. An Edge Blend with two 4K projectors, controlled by two computer systems, was used. This show table was equipped with two large Touch Foils, each with 100 Touch Points, and 8 separate Touch Sensors were added to allow visitors of the Experience to swipe through the entire history of Lely at various locations on the show table.
The built-in multi-channel audio system provides the appropriate sound for the presentation at various positions at the show table. When the big show is activated, the voice-over starts from above. The audio is sent via Dante (digital audio over network) to the various speakers in the experience room.

Lely products in action

At the various exhibits, which are equipped with 32″ touch screens, visitors of the experience will be introduced to Lely products and their use, benefits and innovations. Varying from an automatic milking system to a feeding system.
The interactive linking of the touch screen with the adjustable RGBW LED lighting in the cove and skirting board provides a maximum experience. When the specially developed demo mode is switched on, the exhibit can be started for a machine presentation by means of linking via network or GPIO (potential-free contact).
Ata Tech also realised the showcontrol for the hardware and lighting in the experience, consisting of various scenarios for both day and night. The showcontrol is centrally controlled via the building management system (BMS). Lely likes the fact that Ata Tech can monitor the system remotely, make updates and provide service.

• Location: Maassluis – Netherlands • Client: Lely • Designer: DST experience agency • Software: Kiss The Frog • Exhibit builder: Bruns • Photography: copyright Lely Holding B.V. 2022 • AV and lighting: Ata Tech

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