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Sound & Vision is the institute for media culture and proudly opened the doors of the world’s most interactive Media Museum. A brand new museum in which the visitor’s media life is central.

Because the museum adapts to the visitor’s actions, everyone gets a personal museum journey. How we live media today is revealed in five zones: Share, Inform, Sell, Tell and Play. The Media Museum includes more than 50 interactives, hundreds of hours of audio-visual material and many objects from media history.

Media Reactor
Upon entering, visitors are overwhelmed by the Media Reactor, developed and installed by Ata Tech. The Media Reactor is a giant 300-metre LED screen installation that hangs throughout the museum and depicts the permanent flow of media into and out of the Sound & Vision archive.

Interactive game floors
The two interactive game floors in the museum were also developed and installed by Ata Tech. On the large digital game floor in the ‘Play’ zone, visitors can play a life-size video game, and at the game floor in the ‘Telling’ zone, you meet your own interactive superhero by answering questions.

Ata Tech, in collaboration with exhibit builder Bruns, was also responsible for the lighting in all exhibits and showcases.

Watch the ‘W(A)uw van de bouw’ film with Tom Aarts, director of Ata Tech, here:

A visit to the Media Museum is a unique, instructive but above all inspiring journey of discovery through the media landscape of the past, present and future for all visitors, from about 8 years old onwards.

Location: Hilversum • Client: Sound & Vision • Photography: Jorrit Lousberg • Designer: Tinker Imagineers • Exhibit builder: Bruns • Media/Software: Kiss the Frog • Project management AV and lighting: Semmika – Rutger van Dijk • Lighting design: ACTLD • AV and lighting: Ata Tech

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