Muzeum for communication

Ata Tech has realized various light and audiovisual installations for the new design of the museum for communication in Bern. The museum deals with questions such as “why do we communicate?” and “in what ways do we do that?”. For example, 20 projections were realized with, among other things, an edge blend exhibit that displays those questions. A total of 48 media players and 105 computers were installed in combination with projections, displays and touchscreens to make the experience as interactive as possible. Visitors can take place at an interactive dining table opposite a screen that displays their company. Virtual reality technology makes use of hand gestures to virtually participate in the dining experience.

Many different technologies are used in this museum to make it interesting for the visitor. There is a virtual experience of a lift video wall in combination with a control panel. Visitors can also play film karaoke, where a visitor can engage in dubbing a film. This is recorded and immediately displayed on a large screen. There is a Pepper’s ghost exhibit that shows a 3D hologram, which gives the visitor the feeling that he can almost touch the virtual object. The show control ensures that the museum staff can turn on at once 20 projectors, 48 media players and more than 100 computers with (touch) displays. In short, a special experience for every visitor.

Location: Bern (Switzerland) • Client: Muzeum for communication • Design: Kossmann.dejong • Hardware: Ata Tech • Photography: Muzeum for communication

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