Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Naturalis Biodiversity Center is a research institute and natural history museum in Leiden. The new Naturalis has been reopened with a brand new family museum. It can measure up to the great nature museums of this world. The new Naturalis is a perfect ode to life on earth.

Young and old are immersed in the wonderful world of nature. The museum is all about seeing, doing and experiencing. In various museum rooms the visitor discovers the earliest life on earth, the Netherlands in the Ice Age and the primal forces of our earth.

Ata Tech was responsible for the entire AV-Hardware development, engineering and realization of four rooms: The Earth, The Temptation, The Ice Age and LiveScience.

Naturalis is a museum consisting of a very rich range of multidisciplinary exhibitions of which Ata Tech was the partner in the field of AV-hardware for 17.000 m2.

Ata Tech and Naturalis in the media:   •  AV Interactive     •  Installation International

Location: Leiden (Netherlands) • Client: Naturalis Biodiversity Center • Design: Kossmann.dejong • Naturalis – Event London – Designwolf (Onne Brouwer) • Photography: Koen Mol, Mike Bink Mikebinkfotografie.

• Audiovisual realisation: Ata Tech


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