De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)

De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB) is a modern, visible, decisive organization that works to achieve financial stability and sustainability. The visitor centre uses advanced light technologies to present and convey their message to visitors in a very efficient and interesting way. “Directed lighting” is used to present the collection in a way that is pleasant for visitors. For example, for each exhibit, the “theme text” is indicated in a colour of the colour palette from the interior book.

Over the entire ceiling surface lighting rails are used for a flexible distribution of the light fittings (specified as standard) that at all times can be flexibly (re)positioned in the installation. In the ceiling, downlights are used in addition to the lighting rails and rail spotlights. These light sources suffice at fixed positions as basic lighting for the total surface.

In and around the exhibitions highlights are created through the use of LED lines. Depending on each type of exhibition and atmosphere, a distinction is made between LED lines using individual and fixed colour control. Modern LED accents bring the exhibition to life, inviting visitors or passers-by to view the exhibition.

The idea is that the visitor centre on the ground floor will have a showcasing function: an open and transparent centre where visitors feel welcome. This should encourage passers-by to enter DNB. The space ‘inside’ seeks contact with ‘outside’, so to speak. A façade with a lot of glass, which means a lot of natural light, was constructed for this. The challenge in this design is the use of daylight for (part of) the exhibitions, in combination with artificial light sources to compensate the uncontrollable effect of daylight and to enable visitors to experience the same interpretation.

Location: Amsterdam (The Netherlands) • Design: DST – Het Experience Bureau • Lighting installation: Ata Tech • Photography: Bart Willemsen

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