Offshore Experience

The Offshore Experience in the Maritime Museum Rotterdam gives visitors the opportunity to see if they are suitable for this special type of work at sea. Ata Tech has applied different types of lighting for this experience to make it as industrial as possible.

Industrial luminaires imitate the feeling of the offshore field of work. Blue LED linear lighting is used to visualize the “sea” below the work platform. Real explosion-proof signal lights have been adjusted and equipped with LED so that they can be controlled via the show control. Subtle lighting has been used to enhance the Pepper’s ghost experience. The general lighting can be controlled via DALI. All lighting can be controlled with the show control. Everything is programmed on a timeline and the light is synchronized with the projections and sounds.

Location: Maritime Museum – Rotterdam (The Netherlands) • Design: Kossmann.dejong • Lighting design: Marc Heinz • Lighting installation: Ata Tech •  Photography: Marco de Swart

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