Philips Museum, Innovation and You Experience

The exhibition ‘Innovation and you’ was created by Philips in honour of its 125th anniversary. The exhibition gives visitors an insight into the future and especially into the role that technology will play. There are various interactive projection displays that respond directly to individual visitors. This gives them the opportunity to experience for themselves how modern technology changes our lives. For this, even heat cameras and 3D depth cameras, which can fully analyse the visitor, are used.

Via the touchscreens in combination with audio handsets, the history of Philips can be explored. This exhibition in the Philips Museum also shows visitors how innovations in the field of health and lighting contribute to improving the lives of billions of people worldwide.

Location: Philips Museum – Eindhoven (The Netherlands) • Design: NorthernLight The Experience Company • Hardware: Ata Tech • Software: YIPP

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