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Hybrid Auditorium Boskalis

Boskalis is a leading Dutch multi-specialist from dredger to road construction.
Ata Tech was asked by Boskalis to translate their requirements for a very complete, but easy to operate AV facility in the Auditorium. Ata Tech also provided the Auditorium with lighting, sound and show control.

Easy tablet control

The entire Auditorium is easy to operate via a tablet. The custom-made Touch Interface allows for easy control of the Auditorium. By choosing from various scenarios, the space can be used for various types of meetings and applications; from shareholders meetings to round table discussions and from personal notes to company presentations.

The system has been developed in such a way that no specific technical knowledge is required to apply a particular scenario. This is a great advantage for daily meetings in the Auditorium because everyone can operate the system and control it. For special and larger events, the possibility is created to connect the whole system to a larger control system through NDI and Dante.

Hybrid events

The integration of the Microsoft Teams system into the Auditorium makes it possible to easily organise hybrid events such as conference calls and interactive video meetings. The immense LED screen in combination with the pan/tilt cameras will ensure that everyone will have an optimal view and that the Teams events can be followed perfectly by everyone.

Led-screen, cameras and sound system

Ata Tech installed a LED screen in the Boskalis Auditorium with a total size of 9 x 3 metres and an ultra-small pixel pitch of 1.9 mm, which allows presentations to be shown from floor to ceiling. The presentations on the LED screen can be adapted to the type of event and thus the Auditorium always has the right look. The three 4K PTZ cameras make it easy to create dynamic images.

The sound system is equipped with a high-quality Meyer Sound sound system. This is a very compact speaker system with an enormously powerful and clear sound and unprecedented speech intelligibility.

The Shure microphone system is equipped with an auto-mix function, so that the audio mix in the background is completely automatic and no sound engineer needs to be present. The entire system is equipped with wireless microphones, including a conference microphone system, which ensures enormous flexibility.


The front stage lighting is provided by DMX-controlled tuneable recessed spotlights, in order to create the right lighting atmosphere for every setting. RGBW floor recessed spotlights were also placed on the sides of the stage, giving the opportunity to create a theatrical effect on the wooden slat wall. The other walls of the Auditorium were lit with a beautiful string light effect using RGBW fixtures with a narrow lens. The auditorium lighting is carried out with compact DMX tuneable downlighters. When dimming the room lighting, this allows the light to become warmer in colour, comparable to halogen lighting.

The combination of lighting, sound, camera, team integration, the immense Led-screen and the simple tablet operation makes the new Auditorium a flexible space that is widely used within Boskalis.

Location: Papendrecht • Client: Royal Boskalis NV • Papendrecht • Designer: OPL Architects BV • AV, Hardware, Software, Sound & Lighting: Ata Tech

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