Tanning salon Zondag XL

All lighting of tanning salon Zonnestudio Zondag XL in Tilburg was provided by Ata Tech. For example, LED cove lighting was installed along the aisles and the reception. The LED lighting that is placed on the back of the large XL logo provides a nice depth effect. At the entrance, a portrait projection is installed. This was realized by means of a custom made mirror construction, because projectors usually cannot be mounted vertically. The projector was also installed in such a way that it is invisible to the customer. All booths are equipped with displays that are used for advertising purposes. All lighting can be controlled from the reception and the content of the displays can be easily updated remotely.

Location: Tilburg (The Netherlands) • Client: Tanning salon Zondag XL • Lighting installation: Ata Tech • Hardware: Ata Tech

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