War Heritage Institute

Ata Tech highlighted the entire exhibition at the War Heritage Institute in Brussels and provided all the exhibition lighting for it.

War, occupation, liberation is the largest national retrospective on the Second World War. With more than 1000 collection pieces, the new exhibition gives an overview of the most emotionally charged period in Belgian history between 1919 and 1945.

What is special about this exhibition is that it goes far beyond the lines of traditional military history. It pays ample attention to the social, political, economic and human consequences of the war. In short, the exhibition is a nuanced, historical and scientific story in which the options, possibilities and ‘choices’ in wartime are the thread running through the course.


Ata Tech has used the PLE Magnet Zoom Spot as display case lighting. This Magnet Zoom Spot from PLE is the perfect light source to illuminate the most special objects. The spot is easy to place and move thanks to the magnetic system and can therefore be used flexibly. The spot has a wide zoom range, excellent colour reproduction and gives a perfectly even light image. The light profile P13 from PLE is also used here and has an adjustable colour temperature.

For this exhibition, Ata Tech, in cooperation with the interior builder, has made a custom-made illuminated train track which is equipped with special LED lighting to illuminate the rails.

• Location: Brussels (Belgium) • Client: War Heritage Institute • Designer: War Heritage Institute • Light realisation: Ata Tech

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