Weaving Museum

The Weaving Museum Geldrop, is a unique museum of its kind. It really brings to life the memory of Geldrop as an important textile city in the 19th and 20th century. This begins with the building in which the museum is housed: a striking factory building near the Kleine Dommel, in which the “Woollenfabrik A. van den Heuvel and Son” used to be located. The Weaving Museum was radically renovated in 2018.

Ata Tech took care of the Technical wall, a showpiece of the new museum. On a wall measuring 4 x 14 metres, dozens of photographs, texts and dates show the development of machine technology. The narrative by means of the many cartoons makes it very attractive for the visitor to keep looking for year and technique. This wall can be operated interactively by means of joysticks, in which a virtual shuttle runs along the timeline. An experience for young and old!

In addition to the mostly old textile machines, which are still operated by craftsmen, information screens with audio and video that start with the push of a button, tell the story of the textile industry and its significance for Geldrop-Mierlo.

In the cinema, short films about weaving through the centuries are shown and in ‘the big reel’ it is possible to scroll through an interactive timeline. The bobbin is equipped with screens and surround sound on the inside. Photos light up and the story is shown on the screens. On the outside of ‘the bobbin’ you can hear personal stories of the protagonists in the film through horns.

Location: Geldrop (Netherlands) • Client: Weaving Museum Geldrop • Designer: Bob Bruns • Vitrine/Exhibit lighting and Hardware: Ata Tech

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