Show control: the complete solution for your convenience

A show control system links together various types of hardware through software-based control of light, sound and visual effects into a single, synchronized system. Show control is used for interactive exhibits, light objects, in conference rooms or at shows in experience centres.

Conference room

For an audiovisual installation in a conference room, show control makes it possible to start multiple actions with one button: the interactive touch screen is started up, the right source is selected, the wireless presentation system automatically connects to your laptop, the audio system is switched on to the correct volume and the blinds are closed. This makes it very user-friendly – the meeting starts easily and without any problems. Technical problems are a thing of the past and the technology supports your presentation.

Museums or experience centres

In a museum or experience centre, the show control works in the same way, but on a larger scale and the programming is more complex. At the start of the day, untrained staff can start up all the equipment, with its pre-programmed values, in the exhibition rooms and exhibits by simply pressing a button, or even without a button, but automatically by using time settings. Control commands and sensors will check whether all conditions are met. In this situation, the show control functions as central control for the entire building. This means you have one less thing to worry about, as all will be in control and the show will go smoothly.

Linking an existing building management system

Are multiple systems integrated in a museum or office building and is this centrally controlled by an existing building management system? That is not a problem for us. With the show control, we can create a simple link for central operation control from the reception. In this way, the ease of use will be maintained.

How show control works

An independent show can be started in every exhibition room or exhibit. This can be done in one of the following ways:

– Automatically via a timetable via the central control
– Manually, when a visitor presses a button
– An employee who starts the show via a service button
– Automatically when the visitor is approaching, because sensors detect the visitor
– Or by an action, such as a film that is started when the audio handset is lifted

The actions in the show are programmed on a timeline, which ensures that all actions (also called ‘cues’) take place at exactly the right time. Light, sound and video synchronize with each other. In short, you enable every user to operate the show control. The quality is guaranteed every time without any risks of human error. Our experts will program your wishes into a full-fledged experience.

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