Multi touch: encourages interactivity and involvement

Ata Tech’s Touch Table offers countless possibilities for interactive work. The multi touch technology makes it possible to work at the same table with several people at the same time. The multi touch table ensures that several points can be touched and processed simultaneously. This makes it ideal for teamwork. The table can be used anywhere with an optional wireless Wi-Fi solution. Place it in your showroom, meeting room, your museum or take it to a fair to showcase all your products interactively. A sure bet for success!

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The possibilities of the Ata Tech Touch Table are endless. It can be used with a pre-installed web browser in a protected kiosk environment or you can install your own software application on it. You can adjust the specifications to suit your needs, which makes it possible to use even larger applications on your Touch Table. It depends entirely on the kind of setting in which you want to use the touch table.


As a standard, the Touch Table has a 55” 4K Professional Touchscreen with dimensions 1,303 x 885 x 774 mm. The table is equipped with 4K capacitive touch technology. The warranty for the entire configuration is one year, the touch screen has a three-year warranty. You can decide yourself on the processor of the internal computer, the working memory and the storage capacity. You can also choose whether or not to use standard software (Kiosk Web browser).


Within the Netherlands, we can deliver the Touch Table to your location. You can also collect it from our store in Eersel, near Eindhoven.


You can use the Touch Table to work together on projects or to pitch an idea to your team, but you can also use it in a showroom to have the wishes of your customers visualized. For example, our customer Leolux uses the Touch Table in their showroom with their own software. This enables their customers to assemble their own pieces of furniture.

Choose your own components

The Touch Table can be fully adapted to your needs for maximum user comfort. You can choose the kind of processor, the amount of memory and how much internal storage capacity you need for your Touch Table. You can also opt for extras such as a protective cover and a transport pallet to safely transport the table to trade fairs and the like.utton]


The Touch Table is often seen in musea, architectural offices and public spaces such as schools or city halls.

The Touch Table is also ideal for presentations in showrooms, at fairs or events.


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