Belgian Beer World

In Brussels, Belgian Beer World has opened in the magnificent UNESCO monument, the ‘Brussels Stock Exchange’.
Belgien Beer World is a permanent and interactive exhibition celebrating the rich history of Belgian beer, the art of brewing and the deep-rooted significance of beer in Belgian culture. This ambitious project has come about thanks to a fruitful collaboration between the City of Brussels and Belgium’s five largest breweries, along with 103 small breweries.

Ata Tech implemented the museum lighting plan at Belgian Beer World. Working closely with our valued partners, CREATE, Bruns and Potteau NV, we worked with passion and dedication to create a breathtaking permanent exhibition.
Our installation includes no less than > 400 metres of light rails, over 270 PLE Zoom Spots, 75 PLE Multi Purpose Spots, 45 PLE Wall Washers, several PLE P13 Linear Led lights, PLE COB led strips and floor spotlights, through which we have brought the splendour of the exhibition to life.

Visit this amazing museum and discover the magic of Belgian beer!

Location: Brussel – Belgium • Client: City of Brussels • Photography: Ata Tech • Designer scenography: Clémence Farrell • Exhibit builders: Bruns, Create and Potteau NV • Lighting: Ata Tech

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