Lighting installation: from lighting plan to implementation

Ata Tech specialises in lighting. We provide shop lighting, showcase lighting and museum lighting. Thanks to our extensive knowledge and experience, we will know better than anyone what is new and available in the market.

Konya Science and Technology CenterHigh-quality luminaires

Ata Tech has an independent position (not brand-related), which means we will always select high quality luminaires with the right properties for your projects. Luminaires may be distinguished by a high CRI value (colour rendering), whether or not they are infinitely dimmable, their durability performance (lumen/watt) and the lens options of the lamp. We will always give you the best quality for your lighting installations.

‘Safe’ lighting

Another point of attention when selecting lighting in museum settings, is that no damage must be caused to the illuminated object. It is our aim that visitors will experience the object the way it is intended. For lighting installations in museums, it is important to pay attention to the colour temperature, colour displays and minimum glare factors. Ata Tech has the advanced measuring equipment to measure these factors, and to make sure the illuminated objects will never suffer from our lighting.

NEN-12464 standard

Depending on the kind of space you want to have illuminated, such as an office, museum or experience centre, there are several standards for lighting. These are laid down in the NEN-12464 standard. Based on these standards we determine the type of luminaires, the amounts and the positions. This can be calculated and developed into a lighting plan by our light experts.


We provide a customized solution for every project. Whether you are looking for mood lighting, object lighting, museum lighting, or even interactive lighting. Through the use of smart lighting control systems, such as DMX controllers, light will be where it is needed. Examples are the use of daylight and automation with timetable or presence sensors. Almost anything is possible!
Would you like to know what we can do with respect to your lighting installations? Please contact us and we will be happy to answer your questions. Why not take a look at some of our completed projects.