Port Pavilion

In the Leuven Pavilion between Coolsingel and Erasmusbrug you will find Port Pavilion, the information point that shows you the port side of Rotterdam. The starting point to discover and experience the port. The port is pictured in such a way that it seems as if you are already there. Walking, cycling, sailing or by car: hop, skip and jump from the city to the port.

Ata Tech provided the interactive projection for the 11-metre-long photo mock-up. It gives an overview of all cycling routes, viewpoints, tours, attractions, beaches, nature areas and recreational areas in and around the Port of Rotterdam. The six large screens that continuously move in front of the metre-high wall sometimes show separately and sometimes together the faces and contrasts of the more than 40 kilometres stretching out of the port area.

Location: Rotterdam • Client: Port of Rotterdam • Designer: Sandenburg Concept Creation • Exhibit builder: Bruns • Media: Kiss the Frog and BIND film • AV: Ata Tech

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