DIVA. Antwerp Home of Diamonds

DIVA takes you on an interactive, emotional voyage of discovery through the various aspects of goldsmith’s art, jewellery and above all diamonds. In the museum you will get acquainted with the rich history of goldsmithing in Antwerp, and discover everything about the trade, craftsmanship and consumption of luxury products in the world diamond centre.

Ata Tech lights up and illuminates the different rooms

In the six different ‘rooms’ of the museum, Ata Tech used the P13 Light Showcase Light and the PLE Magnet Zoom Spot with an overwhelmingly beautiful end result.

In the Wonderkamer collection room, objects from all wind directions come together in a cocoon of luxury. Here you get acquainted with Antwerp’s glorious past. The Atelier shows the variety of techniques used to bring silver to life: floating, engraving, the use of casting models, cabling, wire drawing, brunging, stamping, dot engraving and so on. In the International Chamber of Commerce, trade routes are projected on a multimedia globe. Seven animated short films feature historical characters who played an important role in the diamond trade to Antwerp. In the Dining Room one is overwhelmed by the amount of luxurious tableware, which is perfectly lit in the showcases by the P13 LED showcase light. De Kluis shows do-it-yourself tests, film fragments and animations about different types of diamond crime and the fight against it. DIVA outdoors, do it in style via Het Boudoir. Immerse yourself in the world of glamour with queens, opera singers, pop and film stars.

Ata Tech is very proud of the realization of this beautiful project!

Location: Antwerp Belgium • Customer: APB Museum of Forging, Jewellery and Diamonds • Designer: Gert Voorjans, Carla Janssen Höfelt • Photography: Sven Coubergs, Frederik Beyens, Dave Thompson • Lighting design and realisation: Ata Tech

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