HEH Fake for Real

The House of European History is a cultural institution and museum in Brussels that explains European history and European integration. The museum is an initiative of the European Parliament. The House presents permanent as well as temporary and travelling exhibitions, a collection of objects and documents illustrating European history, educational programmes and cultural events.

The Fake for Real exhibition features many examples of counterfeiting and forgery throughout the ages, from ancient and medieval times to modern history and the present. The exhibition includes a wide selection of objects from leading museums from more than 20 European countries.

For this exhibition, Ata Tech equipped the showcases with PLE magnet LED zoom spots and P13 linear lighting. Additionally, museum lighting was installed in the complete exposition. With no less than nine different projections, from an interactive game with ‘Skeleton Tracking’ to a back projection on a huge see-through mirror wall, this exhibition is a real sensation. The displays are installed with BrightSign media players and equipped with listening horns and language selection buttons. Showcontrol has been applied to the entire exposition and makes it possible to start up and shut down everything with one key press. A project where lighting, AV and Showcontrol were seamlessly coordinated and integrated by Ata Tech.

Location: Brussels (Belgium) • Client: European Parlement • Photographer: Daina Le Lardic  • Designer: Kossmanndejong • Showcase/Exhibit Lighting, AV and Showconrol: Ata Tech

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