LEGO® House

Bring your LEGO® creation to life
The Yellow Zone at LEGO® House in Billund Denmark has been expanded with the LEGO® Mood Mixer. In the Mood Mixer you can build your own LEGO character and give it an emotion; happy, sad, angry or maybe even a bit cheeky?
Scan your LEGO creation and make it dance on the gigantic digital LEGO House stage. The immense digital stage is filled with previously built characters that are dancing to the rhythm of the beat. Each character is unique, expressed through their movements, facial expressions, sounds and music.

Ata Tech realised the Mood Mixer at LEGO® House together with Bruns and Kiss the Frog. In the early stages of the project, a number of tests were completed on-site in Denmark, together with the LEGO designers, to make sure that the integration of the hardware ran perfectly.

Mood Mixers
When the LEGO creation is placed in one of the 6 Mood Mixers it will be scanned with a 3D camera and measured, after which the creation will be brought to life in 3D. Over the LED screens of the Mood Mixer, where every ‘stud’ is individually lighted, the character moves over the transparent construction plates to the stage.
On stage the LEGO creation dances on the 86″ UHD LG Display. The choice for this LG Display was consciously made because of its unique Non-Glare Coating which gives an enormously calm image and very good natural colour reproduction.

The sound system for the Mood Mixer has been specially composed by Ata Tech and provides a unique sound experience which matches the visitor’s chosen emotion. The sound system is based on a Q-SYS DSP with 24 audio tracks, which drives a Meyer Sound sound system and is supplemented by super directional speakers (soundshower) from Hypersound. This way, everyone can dance to their own beats!

At the end of this exciting and interactive experience, every creation made in the Mood Mixer is stored in the visitor’s digital, personal profile with an RFID bracelet, to be enjoyed again after visiting LEGO® House or to share with friends and family.

Location: Billund, Denmark • Client: LEGO® House • Designer: LEGO® House • Exhibit builder: Bruns • Media: Kiss the Frog • AV: Ata Tech

Pictures: LEGO® House, Kiss the Frog & Ata Tech

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