Stedelijk Museum Breda

The Nassaus of Breda: Castle, city and country
At the Stedelijk Museum Breda, a new permanent exhibition offers a fascinating look at the history of the city of Breda and the Nassaus. Visitors will learn all about a well-kept secret, namely that Breda has everything to do with the intriguing family history of the Orange Nassaus, the current Dutch royal family.

Together with our partners, Ata Tech has created a ‘family trail’ that is fully integrated into the exhibition. Each room tells the stories of historical residents of Breda, and these stories are brought to life with interactive media, hands-on activities and beautiful objects.

Ata Tech provided the complete installation of audiovisual equipment, hardware and showcase lighting in the new permanent exhibition, including the PLE magnet led zoom spotlights and P13. The soundscape creates a unique atmosphere in each room and takes visitors on an immersive journey, from the majestic castle hall to the late medieval town and peat barge. At the Nassaus at the Table, there is the opportunity for visitors to listen to a captivating radio play through TN Audio single cup headphones.

Several projections are used, including an impressive display of the introduction film above the model. A wall projection reveals the genealogy of the Nassaus and the ‘Meet the people of the past’ display engages visitors in an interactive game where a camera brings children’s drawings to life. Even the sails of the peat ship feature projections, adding an extra dimension to the overall experience.

Come and explore this fascinating exhibition at the Stedelijk Museum Breda and discover the rich history of this extraordinary city and its influential inhabitants.

Location: Breda • Client: Stedelijk Museum Breda • Photography: Mike Bink • Designer: Studio Louter & Opera Amsterdam • Content: MCW Creative Agency • Exhibit builder: Bruns • AV & Lighting: Ata Tech

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