TECHville is an experience that challenges youth aged from 10 to 18 to an exciting technology adventure at the T2 Campus in Genk. An inspiring place that breathes technology. In teams, visitors take on challenges within the themes of IT, energy, electronics and materials and are introduced to coding, energy grids, home automation, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

A smart city has been built in the middle of the area. The city is connected to all the interactive games on the surrounding tables. A large system ensures that all tables, the city and screens react to each other. The aim of the game: to make the city smarter and better as a team.

Ata Tech provided the technical engineering and hardware for ‘the city’. This is equipped with interactive controllable LEDs and RFID readers for recognising objects. Ata Tech also provided the media wall, touch screens and PCs for the exhibits. The experience and show lighting in TECHville was also installed by Ata Tech. All this is connected to the IT data network and equipped with Showcontrol with a Pharos controller. The entire system is linked to the BMS (Building Management System) and through this, the building-based lighting system is also controlled.

Location: Genk (Belgium) • Client: Cvba T2 • Photography: Tinker Imagineers • Designer: Tinker Imagineers and Yipp • Technical engineering and hardware: Ata Tech

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